How to Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks

From the Business Development Bank of Canada The BDC recommends a 4 step approach to strengthen your business cyber-defenses against attack. Especially relevant going into a long holiday weekend when attackers are specifically waiting to execute their attacks. Identify risks Create controls Establish a security culture Monitor and improve

Blakes Releases Canadian Cybersecurity Trends Study for 2022

Blakes has launched its third annual Canadian Cybersecurity Trends Study. It analyzes key data points in the type and volume of cybersecurity incidents across Canada. The study also highlights some interesting observations the Blakes team made during the past year while handling numerous breaches.

Microsoft Has Released Its 2021 Digital Defense Report

Actionable insights from the Microsoft Digital Defense Report: Protect against 98% of attacks by utilizing antimalware, applying least privilege access, enabling multifactor authentication, keeping [software] versions up to date, and protecting data [with best practices using Data Loss Prevention Policies and Sensitivity Labels].


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